Title: Three Men and a Little Lady
Director: Emile Ardolino
Writers: Coline Serreau (screenplay for trois hommes et un couffin), Sara Parriott, Josann McGibbon, Charlie Peters
Release Date: 21/11/1990
Runtime: 104

Tom Selleck - Peter Mitchell
Steve Guttenberg - Michael Kellam
Ted Danson - Jack Holden
Nancy Travis - Sylvia Bennington
Robin Weisman - Mary Bennington
Christopher Cazenove - Edward

Sylvia, the mother of Mary, the baby the three men looked after so well in Three Men and a Baby, decides to move to England for a job and because of her new English fiancee, Edward. Edward doesn't like children and is planning to send Mary to a strict boarding school. Peter, Michael and Jack get wind of this and go to England to stop the wedding and save the child they think of as their own.

Sequel to Three Men and a Baby.

Hmmm. Sequels to films that aren't that great in the first place are never an amazing idea. Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible, just not necessarily a film you'd choose to watch. A saving grace is the acting which is certainly above average, but the whole situation is simply less funny than when Mary was a baby. At times she's annoying and you can understand why she's being sent to boarding school. At least they didn't make Three Men and a Woman (actually, someone probably did, but that's another thing entirely).

This film is a very good example of an American view of England. Edward has the most appallingly overplayed accent and the whole boarding school / British countryside thing is very silly. makes you think no-one involved with the film has ever been to England.
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my own viewing of the film

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