An 80s/90s catchphrase, from a much-lampooned television ad by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. Demonstrated by an egg and a frying pan, the point being that you're frying your brains with that very first iota of illicit substance entering your system. Just Say No. Drug education continues to shoot itself in the foot; you can only speak with authority on the subject of the inherent harm of this or that drug if you speak honestly. The War on Drugs is all about dishonesty.

In what respects is my brain like an egg?

Which part represents the yolk? And the white?

What scientific studies demonstrate these isomorphisms between my brain and an egg?

What drugs are you refering to?


What specific similarites were found?

A television commercial playing in the United States, with a message that drugs are bad. Really. There were two versions of the commercial:

The first one was in the late 80's/early 90's, in black and white. A man with a dark shirt on holds up a frying pan

"This is drugs"

He then picks up an egg.

"This is your brain"

He cracks the egg, and the yolk hits the frying pan. Sizzle, sizzle. He looks up at the camera, "Any Questions?"

(Fade to black)

In the late 90's, about 1999-2000, a newer one was aired, this one starring Rachel Leigh cook, also in Black and white.

She's standing in a nice kitchen, holding up an egg.

"This is your brain" (Now you're thinking it's boring cuz it looks like the one from almost a decade ago. But watch)

She holds up a frying pan in her other hand. " heroin"

"This is what happens to your brain after snorting heroin." Whereupon she puts the egg on the counter, and with both hands slams the frying pan onto the egg, with a cracking sound and yellow yolk splattering out the sides.

She picks it up. "And what your body goes through." The yolk with cracked shell drips off the pan and onto her arms and the floor.

"It's not over yet"
"This is what your family goes through!" She takes the frying pan and swings it like a bat, smashing a rack of dishes.
"And your friends!" she smashes all the glasses, the faucet. Now she's screaming in rage
"--And your money!" She screams, and smashes the glass face of the clock
"AND your JOB!" taking out the coffee maker
"And your self-respect" shattering the light fixture with the frying pan.

Here we cut to the Partnership for a drug-free America logo, but you hear her screaming and destroying. "And your future."

She stops, you see the place is a wreck. In a low voice, she says "Any questions?" I'd give her four stars for completely outdoing the original commercial.

Yes, drugs can be bad for your brain. Marijuana can damage memory, and if you're under 15, can actually impair mental ability, as your frontal lobes are still forming. Ecstacy can actually cause your brain to lock up, frying/jamming, etc. What I'm getting to is that the first commercial said that drugs are harmful to your body. The second commercial showed, metaphorically, the effects on your life, and how they are so much worse than just your brain.

Oh, and the newer commercial is for realplayer at

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