She always used to tell me what to wear that day based on the weather conditions at hand. I never had to look at the forecast, my mom would tell me "Wear a heavy coat today!" or "It's warm enough for shorts if you want." Yes, this is slightly childish and someone who's technically an "adult" should be able to find out the weather herself and make a judgement call, but my mom was obsessed with the weather and it was a nice motherly thing that she always did.

The thing I'm missing most tonight is my mom being there when I am sick. There's nothing that makes you want to cry for your mom like throwing up everything you've eaten all week. Moms are always there to hold your hair back, give you a glass of water, clean up any mess, and tell you that everything is going to be okay.

It's the little things that you don't appreciate until they're gone.

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