We know hardly anything about her.

The authorities, who are not to be trusted of course, claimed she was abandoned, with her umbilical cord still attached, on January 15, 2009, on the doorstep of some Official Ministry or other.

The orphanage which took her in called her "Min Zhu," which means, roughly translated, "the beauty of the people." Her daddy, my son, had the chance to send her a gift. Touchingly, he sent her a red and white blanket, which has now become her most precious possession.

She is my granddaughter now. We call her "Emma."

She came here to the United States at eight months of age. Of course she remembers nothing of her previous life. She is an extraordinarily beautiful human being by anyone's measure, the beauty of the people indeed, with regular features and a seldom but stunning smile. She has a little flat nose, and dark dark eyes, almost black.

When I walk into the room, she reaches her arms up to me, asking that I should pick her up. Who could refuse?

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