What is "normal"?

Being normal in one definition would be belonging to majority in every aspect. Race, age, sexuality, state of mind, politics, religion, etc. I don't think there's a single person on this planet who's absolutely "normal". Usually the one's who consider themselves to be normal, accuse others of being not; "That's not normal behavior" and so on. But who can definitively claim to be "normal"? Every human being is an individual, every one has their own flaws and that is what makes us unique. That is what makes us interesting.

There is no normality

My opinion is that normality is an abstraction, it doesn't exist in one single person. It is all about majority and nothing about minority. What the majority of people are, is usually considered "normal". But every one of us belong to some minority. If you are a white heterosexual middle-aged male with two-point-five kids, there's still dozens of things that put you in some minority. Maybe you have a smaller dick or bigger ears than what's "normal"? Don't go shoot yourself yet, though, because being not "normal" is actually quite "normal", as no one is absolutely and definitively "normal". That makes the conception of normality a bit contradictory.

Striving for normality is the disease of human kind

Trying to be "normal" in every aspect is like denying your true self. No one is "normal", so if you try to be one, you would have to give up some of your "abnormal" qualities. And those qualities are what make you who you are.
If someone has an obsession of being "normal", that's his own problem. Everyone should have the freedom of doing what they want with their lives. As long as that person doesn't try to make others to be like him. Everyone else should have the freedom of doing what they want with their lives as well.

The most normal person in the world would probably be the most boring person in the world.

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Of course there is normality, and each of us achieve it by being ourselves. Normality is by definition something that embraces the standards of a given majority. These standards are entirely dependant of the surrounding society. In the ancient Rome, it was consired acceptable and perfectly normal to feed Christians to lions for the amusement of the people. Thankfully this practice has ceased, and anyone who tries to do it now is imprisoned and at least put to a mental hospital for showing signs of perversion.

Abnormality, on the other hand is defined by minorities. These minorities usually have some attribute the majorities don't understand, and thus, fear. Members of the minorities are labeled abnormal to seperate them from the "normal" people, who themselves belong to some minorities as well. Hypocrisy might not be morally acceptable, but it's certainly normal human behaviour.

We all belong to majorities is some respects, and minorities in others. I'd say that is what normality is all about. If we were to create a person who would represent the average of each of our attributes, s/he would be very abnormal indeed!

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