...it isn't there.

Night sky I can handle; night sky is at least how it really is; blackness and stars. But the day sky? Fuuuuuck that.

Years ago, a guy I knew (of the Incredibly-smart-but-insane variety) taught me a meditation to do that helps reveal the true nature of things. He warned me not to do it to storm clouds of any sort (good way to be hit by lightning), and not to do insects or people until I was ready to handle mass weirdness.

But he didn't warn me about sky.

I laid on my back and stared at a clear blue sky for a couple hours, thinking that what I was doing was "interesting" and "safe"; not knowing that I would doom myself to an entire life of heebie-jeebies any time I was out in a cloudless daytime.

The sky flickered; blue and pink and purple--and octarine, I'm sure. Outer space is not black when the sun is out, by the way. It's...it's kind of...okay, well, it's pretty terrifying. Of course, in the beginning it was just awe-full and mind-blowing; amazing; but after that? Walking or driving and looking up and there, right in your face, is the Great Nothing.

Nope, screw that. I've been a sunglasses fanatic ever since. I suppose this should be a lesson for all of you out there who might share my tendency to seek truth no matter what it might be...But would you ever have thought it of sky?!

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