It was a bright, sunny morning. The sun brightened the entire area of East Commons. All was well in the little trading center, and business went on as usual. Little did everyone know of the dangers lurking around the corner, watching, waiting to strike at any moment. These creatures were fierce, brutal even, and they stopped at nothing to seek their revenge.

I was running through the trade center shouting out the items I had for sale. I watched carefully noticing every detail of what was being sold. I could nor manage to buy or sell anything so I decided to take a short trip over to my friend Silmer’s house. Silmer was a rather rich man even though he had been in battle for a very short amount of time. Silmer was much shorter than me but he could pack a powerful blast if he needed to. His studies of casting made him this powerful being. Had he not had his spell techniques he surely would be crushed under the great force of battle. When I arrived at Silmer’s house he shouted to me; “Hello Porcus!” He went on telling me about his adventures over the past few weeks. Before I knew it the time had reached eight o’clock and I was unwilling to make the trip back through Kithicore Forest. Any man who traveled through Kithicore at night was either extremely brave or out of his mind, only the highest of strength travel that zone at night. So I removed my armor and slipped into Silmer’s spare bed.

I awoke the next morning to the birds chirping and the suns striking brightness. I had found it was nearly nine o’clock and Silmer had already woke and begun preparing breakfast. A few minutes later Silmer shouted, “Breakfast is ready! Come and get it while its hot!” I walked to the table and took a seat. Silmer’s eggs, although watery, were a good start for the day. Just as Silmer sat to eat there was a patrolling trooper shouting, “The Frogluks are attacking! All must come and fight in battle in East Commons!” Silmer and I were shocked and unprepared for what we were about to face.

Silmer and I quickly suited our armor. The coldness of my thick armor sent chills down my spine like ice was upon my back. Silmer then casted strength and health buffs on me, making my muscles bulge. We went on our way, running as fast as we could, trying to save the town of Freeport. When we arrived in East Commons we realized that the battle had not yet begun. The Frogluks stared at the men blankly, waiting for a striking moment to burst into battle. It looked like we were out numbered, and Silmer and I became quite unsure of the power we had. I quickly called upon the strongest men I know, Ludaman, Eluden, and Nludien. Eluden had great powers and vowed to teleport everyone to West Commons, just a mile away from the battle. Finally everyone arrived. We were ready all in full health and ready to fight.

Realizing we were building our forces the Frogluks took swift action and killed their first victim. A young man, not even knowing the battle was soon to commence. He yelled for help but nothing could be done. The force was so powerful it killed him in a matter of seconds. This enraged all of us as we watched the poor, weak man die. One of the troopers shouted, “CHARGE!!!!” Everyone quickly ran into battle, with swift and charging action. I swung my weapons tearing apart the Frogluks, their slime spilling quickly to the floor. Silmer, realizing Nludien was soon to die, casted a quick heal to revive him. I could feel the slime from the Frogluks splattering on my clean armor, the smell was like spoiled eggs. Someone casted a haste spell on me and I begun to swing my weapons faster and faster. Before I knew it the frogluks were retreating, running like scared dogs. I managed to kill a few more when suddenly I was struck from behind by a wounded Frogluk. His sharp blade sent burning pain throughout my back. I managed to quickly turn and slash the frog-like creature across the face, instantly killing the wounded Frogluk. To my surprise few humans had died. Unfortunately one of the unlucky ones was Nludien. His body was so mangled he could only be identified by his armor he wore. Silmer quickly sprung into action, no one had any idea of what he was attempting to do. He began to save his mana, waiting and waiting. Finally he stood. He began casting a spell and with it came a bright, blue haze, almost blinding. We all gasp in amazement, Silmer had brought Nludien back from the dead. Although he was still badly wounded he survived. Ludaman and the rest of the fleet began bandaging the wounded. Silmer went around performing his miracles until he had undone nearly all of the deadly effects of the great battle.

After the battle everyone was tired and weak. My back was still throbbing with pain. Silmer and the rest of the town relaxed for the next few days, mending their wounds and taking pride in the battle they had stopped. I later went home to my dull house to find a gift from someone, I opened it to find a belt. This belt was beautiful it had been the belt I was saving for. It gave me incredible strength, and I was amazed who it was from, my friend Silmer. I figured he must have looted it off one of the Frogluk victims, and I was incredibly happy. Creative writing 10th grade

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