"I believe, Mr. Durand, that you understand our terms, but lest there be any misunderstanding whatsoever, allow me to spell them out one more time, explicitly. Our organization maintains a private island, outside the jurisdiction of any state or nation, a reserve dedicated to one purpose only, which is allowing hunters to engage in the most challenging hunt of all. An unarmed human specimen is released on the island as our quarry with a one hour head start. The hunters are then released to hunt, and have 48 hours to try to find, and kill, this specimen. The cost to each person participating in this.... little adventure.... is ten million dollars."

"And the specimen fights back?"

"Indeed, Mr. Durand, by any means available to its wits and ingenuity. Sometimes this has been to deadly effect -- but we've never yet had a hunt where the surviving hunters have not ultimately bagged their prey."

"Good. Sounds like an exciting hunt indeed. My accountant will transfer the ten million this afternoon. And the hunt will begin at noon, one week from today?"

"Yes. You will be let loose at noon. And at one o’clock, the hunters will come looking for you."

"Perfect," Durand replied through a cruel grin, spreading ever wider across his face.


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