A friend of mine was recently reminiscing about a Grateful Dead show she had attended were she swears she was visited by an angel.

She was at one show full of gate crashers and there were too many people packed in a tight space. She had smoked way too much pot and was hot and suddenly heavy tired, needing to sit down in the worst way. But once she sat down it was not much better as now all around her were butts and kneecaps, not much light or air. She was on the verge of passing out.

A beautiful woman sat down beside my friend and this woman seemed to bring with her a fresh supply of sunlight and oxygen. Mysterious woman opened her backpack and offered water to my friend. The sense that she might pass out went away, replaced by that clearheaded feeling of cold water sliding down her throat.

Angel-woman asked if she could touch her, and then gave her a comforting backrub. She opened up her bag again; this time pulled out a bright green super fresh head of broccoli. My friend ate this while the broccoli fairy rubbed her shoulders, smoothed her hair and smiled at her, big blue eyes shining. My friend reports that she felt a sense of calm and well being, that after eating “the freshest broccoli in the world” she was renewed and felt her vital energy free flowing once again.

The broccoli fairy then offered her a piece of mint gum and asked if she felt she could stand up now. Once my friend was back on her feet and had brushed off the concert confetti she turned to thank this mysterious stranger, but she was already gone. My friend was left standing at a Dead show thinking, “Did I just eat a whole head of broccoli? How did that woman find me at just the right time, then part that dense sea of bodies long enough to slip away unnoticed?”

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