The 6th annual Webby Awards were held at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco on June 18, 2002. Since I had done some work with the PR department, and we had been nominated for an award, I got invited to the party. I didn't actually get to see the actual award ceremony.

We arrived to a reception that had all sorts of interesting web luminaries. I spent a good portion of my time talking to some people who were there from PETA (the woman was dressed in an outfit that looked as though it was made out of lettuce, and she was urging everyone to turn vegetarian...)

During the award ceremony, they were serving hors d'oeuvres at the party. Unfortunately, they ran out of food by the time the ceremony was over, so nobody who actually watched the award presentations actually got to eat. I don't remember what Google's five-word acceptance speech was this year, but the previous one was "It's all about the users." A nice sentiment...

It was a bit strange at the party. Several people who had been to the previous year's party told me that it was much lower-key than it had been in previous years; with the crash of the dot-com bubble, there was much less interest in a web award. Nevertheless, it still struck me as a lavish affair, complete with costumed greeters at the door. And it's not every day I go to parties that are held in museums.

After the party, the crowd was ushered outside for a surprise. As we waited in the cold night air (the official website describes it as "an unusually balmy San Francisco summer night," but I'd characterize it as a pretty normal (i.e. slightly chilly) San Francisco summer night...) Outside they had set up a huge Tesla coil, which shot bolts of lightning as some robots battled it out underneath.

After the party, Larry decided that he didn't feel like carrying the Webby home, so he gave it to me to bring in to work the following morning. (There was a suggestion that I should take it out and try and impress some people in the bars that night, but I think whoever made it is a bit out of touch with what impresses the guys in San Francisco...) So the Webby spent the night on my kitchen counter, but it did provide some conversation during the carpool in the morning...

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