The Transformers Comics
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Title:         Crater Critters
Issue:         29
Released:      June 1987
Pages:         22

Writer:        Bob Budiansky
Penciler:      Don Perlin
Inkers:        Ian Akin & Brian Garvey
Letterer:      Janice Chiang
Colorist:      Nel Yomtov
Editor:        Don Daley
EditorInChief: Jim Shooter
Scrapped.. by the Scraplets!
And introducing the Triple Changers!

Decepticons have lost a spacecraft sent from Cybertron to supply fuel to their comrades on Earth. Ratbat sends The Triple Changers - Astrotrain, Blitzwing and Octane - to investigate. They discover the pilot infected by tiny metal-eating and self-replicating machines called Scraplets. The Autobot deserters Blaster and Goldbug also arrive to the crater made by the crashed spaceship.

"We prefer to think of ourselves as independent-minded." - Blaster

Disclaimer: This is neither autonoded nor a cut'n'paste writeup. My only source material are the original comics.

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