Thurso II (SC 15)

The stone is built into the fabric of Old St. Peter's Church, Thurso (Caithness). It is set into the exterior wall of the tower, at a height of 7.5m, upside down and below the old roof level. Only one edge of the slab is visible, and the runes read from left to right.


...?Gunnhildi, konu sína...

'...?Gunnhildr, his wife...'

The n-runes used are long-branch forms, and it seems likely that the t-rune was as well, but it was carved close to the edge of the stone, and it is now impossible to be sure. The inscription is very fragmentary, and other than the spelling similarities to Man (kunu is also found on German II and Bride), the best that can be said about its date is that it is probably no later than the 12th century.

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