The Spotlight
America's Last Real Newspaper * The Voice of the American Majority

I have a 1980 The Next Whole Earth Catalog that contains this review (by Jay Kinney) of The Spotlight:
The Spotlight is the weekly tabloid of the Liberty Lobby, the superconservative Washington, D.C. pressure group. I first read of Carter's Trilateral Commission connections here, before they were mentioned anywhere else. I also found out who in Congress was for and against the "Canal Giveaway", and I keep up on the latest doings of Anita Bryant, the Tax Revolt, and the Gun Grabbers. Isolationist and anti-Zionist, they maintain that the Holocaust didn't happen. Not recommended for those with sensitive political stomachs. However keep in mind that The Spotlight claims 200,000 in paid circulation, a number that beats any comparable Left paper 10 to 1.
I don't know what their circulation is at this writing, but their hit counter at reads 725,941 since March 1999.

If you need "populist and nationalist" views on such matters as The Bildergerg Group, The Trilateral Commission, and the Federal Reserve System, The Spotlight is just the place to look.

It is one of those ideological bunkers that is so far Right, it's almost Left. Their current 'net issue includes such stories

Thousands Protest Presidential Debate Lockout

The SPOTLIGHT was on the scene in Boston and witnessed the heavy-handed police-state tactics used to keep Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader out of the establishment-approved presidential debates...

Corporate Cannibalism Gobbling Up Middle Class

Merger mania means international corporations get more, consumers get less and family farmers get killed. (...) The merger frenzy sweeping the world of international mega-conglomerates and the financial markets is creating a "new concentration of power" that threatens to subvert America's constitutional social and legal order, federal overseers and Establishment economists are warning...

...Along with such grabbers as U.S.-Canadian Border Flooded by Illegals and Buchanan Would Right High Court.

It is a politically marginal publication, but by definition the margin encompasses the whole, does it not?

Anybody with extreme political beliefs can probably find something here to agree with, and to be enraged at. Even the centrists should have a look, if only to learn what's out there.


The Spotlight and its organizational parent, The Liberty Lobby have ceased to be.

The people who brought you their white supremist, anti-zionist, apocalyptic ideas are still around, though. They can be found under the name American Free Press.

Watch out for them!

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