Friday, July 12 2002, my boyfriend and I dragged ourselves out of bed at 4 in the morning to catch a 5 'o clock train headed for Manhatten to attend the grand opening of the SoHo Apple Store on Prince street. At 8 Am, after standing on the mile long line for 2 hours, the store opened and allowed the wave of MAC geeks to swarm into their new haven.

The SoHo Apple store is two floors of Macintosh Computer heaven for all ages. The bottom floor houses all of the recent models of stationary, home use ensembles to the portable, iBook laptops. All are set neatly on white tables with standing information cards about the model and are ready for a hands-on, pre-purchase trial of the model and the new OS-X program that comes with it. Acending the greenish, translucent steps, the second floor contains the presentation area where those new to the MAC world get a glimpse at what they have been missing and the veterans can see what they have yet to discover. Also on the second floor is an area just for children where tots sit on plush, ball-shaped seats and play their games while their parents can seat themselves at the Genius Bar and have all of their MAC questions answered by the friendly, know-it-all staff. Cross the translucent catwalk over to browse the walls of software, accessories and games exclusively for the system, try out the newest Palm Pilots and test drive a few iPods to tickle your music fancy.

With a huge, friendly staff of MAC geeks, hands-on trials for the whole family and detailed presentations, the SoHo MAC Store is the place to find your new computer friend. Once you MAC, you'll never go back.

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