Silently and slowly
he ascends the stair
and is caught on fire
framed in light

He cups her chin in her dreams
ask, "When wil you let yourself
know joy?"

then leaves and rises up

Light like fingers and wind
fold as ocean trees, up and
then dark, draining the glow from her face
as he again takes flight

She waves, then, letting her hands
fall still, her thin silver legs
rusting from the weights
that weld her to the floor

1. Suffer through terrible hangover.
2. Pass out.
3. Get stinking drunk.
4. Cry on a stranger's shoulder.
5. Solicit hugs from complete strangers.
6. Solicit hugs from your friends.
7. Throw candle across room. Sob into pillow.
8. Light a candle and think good thoughts.
9. Listen to favorite gloomy songs.
7. Long, involved phone calls explaining how things are so, you know, complicated.
8. Stare out window aimlessly.
9. Sigh.
10. General feelings of low self-esteem.

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