"I went into radio for love..." begins this "autobiographical piece by an author who'll be named later, depending how this turns out." A bittersweet evocation of coming-of-age for a young man from the mid-West who, searching for love, becomes somebody he isn't, and finds his eventual career.

That's how a blurb might describe it. This is a lovely track from the Lake Wobegon Liberty Days album by Garrison Keillor. Beginning with a recitative (the album was recorded with an orchestra) it steadily describes a freshman's experiences with college radio at (we assume) the University of Minnesota (WUM). The narrator falls in love twice: once with a classmate, then with the music and the medium of radio. Unfortunately, in this love triangle, only one love will win.

One very effective moment: the point where an orchestra simulates a record-player getting stuck.

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