"Princess Stephanie!" called The Pope as he eased his rubber penguin to a gentle landing by one of the massive stone columns of the palace. The troll stopped singing and stepped down from his cheese roll podium.

"Thankyou Darwin," said The Pope, "Stephanie, I have some very important news for you. A warning from your father."

Stephanie seated herself on a low stone bench in the sunlight as Gregory began his story in grave tones.

"Stephanie, two months ago, your brother Prince Clark returned from his study in the Aegean. He has made a significant discovery about your parents."

Stephanie's eyes lit up. Her brother and herself had grown up orphans, cared for by the nuns of the Temple of Enlil hidden deep in the Black Forest. All they knew of their parents was strung together through archaelogical examination of the palace in which they now stood.

"You are now doubt aware of the peculiar powers sounds can have over your bloodline sounds such as the word 'Trousers' and 50s rock music have healing properties."

"Yes, and folk music makes my head whip back," interjected Stephanie.

"That's right," said the pope. "but now Clark has discovered the true reason for this abnormality..."

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