We all know the feeling of waking up and seeing the yellow street lights flected into the pre-dawn sky, signaling the ground is reflective, and thus there's probably something making it white, and chances are there's lots of snow on the ground

I've been very disappointed the past years because my school district is so squeamish about calling snow days. I live in Maine and thus, we get a lot of that fluffy white stuff. Here is the somewhat disturbing pattern that I've noticed:

  1. First snowfall of the year, usually it's pretty heavy. The school board says: "Hey, let's stand tall and have school today! We'll show those whippersnappers who's boss!" They eventually eat their words though, and send everyone home early because the snow is really coming down, and they're afraid of angry soccer moms bitching at them for putting the kids in danger.
  2. Next big forecasted snowball. The school board figures they'd better play it safe and call a snow day. As it turns out, the snowfall is very light, if it falls at all. This is just how weather in Maine works.
  3. Next snowfall, they're all cocky from snowfall #2, and they figure they can handle this, no problem. It's a repeat of snowfall #1. They are once again caught with their pants down.
  4. You can guess what happens here...and in the remaining snowfalls.

Sometimes, it's amazing how smart (sarcasm) educators are!

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