To the tune of The Longest Time by Billy Joel

Woh, oh-oh-oh
Find the longest path
Woh oh-oh
Find the longest path
If you said P is NP tonight
There would still be papers left to write
I have a weakness
I'm addicted to completeness
And I keep searching for the longest path

The algorithm I would like to see
Is of polynoimal degree
Buts its elusive
Nobody has found conclusive
Evidence that we can find the longest path

I have been hard
Working for so long
I swear its right,
But he marks it wrong
Somehow I'll feel sorry when its done
GPA 2.1,
Is more than I hoped for

Garey, Johnson, Karp and other Men (and Women!)
Try to make it order-n-log-n.
Am I a math fool
If I spend my life in grad school
Forever following the longest path

Woh oh-oh-oh
Find the longest path
Woh oh-oh-oh
Find the longest path!

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