The King Of Ice Cream is the first novel written by Robert Wayne McCoy.

While being a classic Good vs. Evil horror story its many plot twists make for an interesting read.

The story revolves around an orphaned teenaged boy,Luke, who is being raised by a secret sect of the Catholic Church.This sect teaches and trains a group of warriors called Paladins, whose objective,it seems is to root out and destroy the most vile beings among us.

The eldest of these Paladins is a man named Justin who has persued an ancient evil for over one hundred years.This Evil is a fallen angel who is bent on the destruction of all mankind.

The final showdown is set to take place in the town of Mill Run,Ky.

Mill Run is a small colledge town boasting a brand new ice cream shop selling a bit more than just cones and sundaes.It seems that if you eat the ice cream you are in fact being seduced by the evil forces and slowly start to embrace the ways of the dark angels.

The clash at the end of the tale,while reminding me a lot of a Stephen King story,is quite entertaining.

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