The landscape cascaded infinitely in front of me not unlike the manner in which a fractal behaved. Stairs with no landing, pits with no bottom, mountains with no summit, all part and parcel of the grim and barren location I found myself in. Harvesting one last inkling of hope within me, I tried once more to find an exit and to see what the real world was like... if there even was a real world outside of this surreal, terrifyingly expansive world. I trudged onward for an amount of time that I was not sure of.

Squinting in the dismal fog hanging over the featureless terrain, I saw what appeared to be a shimmering silvery figure. I curiously approached it, anticipating closer examination.

It resembled a pale wisp, and I thought it to be a ghost, but abandoned that thought after further investigation. It had dim green eyes with only pinholes for pupils. The blank eyes seemed to be fixed on something in the distance. 

"H-Hello," I stammered, not sure what to make of this odd creature. 

It did not reply and instead stared with vacant, petrified eyes.

Convinced that the creature was perhaps not even alive, I gingerly touched its arm. I felt no change in temperature, but then again, I didn't feel many things when I was in this alien setting. It were as if I had lost all of my senses except for a small amount of consciousness and curiosity, and I instinctively craved emotional bonds, which was to be expected in this environment of profound isolation.  I had no memories of anything, not even how I came to be; I just knew that I was here, and that I was going to stay here for as long as the incomprehensibly vast boundaries of time stretched. 

I wrapped my hands around the creature's narrow waist and attempted to lift it in order to provoke its emotions. My arms passed through the transparency of its body, and I overestimated the amount of weight in my hands. I fell backward, coming away with nothing. I recovered from the loss of balance and dusted myself off, more out of habit than necessity. As for the mysterious creature, it was still there, occupying the same spot in space as before; nothing had changed about it. 

I gazed into its empty eyes, desperately seeking some sign of life, regardless of how infinitesimal the sign of life might have been. Soon I grew alarmed and shrieked, involuntarily jumping slightly. Its miniscule pupils were rapidly dilating and eventually filled its entire eyeball so that the whites of its eyes were nowhere to be seen; the yang was drowned out by the yin.

It vocalized abruptly in a low android voice, its voice resonating throughout the entire world.

"Welcome to hell."

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