The Grasshopper Lies Heavy is a fictional novel. It is an alternate history in which the Allies won World War II, written by Hawthorne Abendsen. Abendsen is the eponymous character in The Man in the High Castle, an alternate history in which the Axis won World War II. The Man in the High Castle was written by Philip K. Dick, who as far as I know is not a fictional character.

In The Grasshopper Lies Heavy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was never assassinated, instead becoming a strong leader who pulls America out of the Great Depression. He sees the Nazi threat and arms America so that they're ready for war. In 1940, instead of Bricker being elected, Democrat Rexford Tugwell becomes president, leading America to victory over the Axis.

Thus, the USA and Britain emerge as the two dominant powers, not Germany and Japan. The two of them divide up the world to be placed under their respective hegemonies, and there is peace for about a decade. The two countries do not trust each other however, and worse times follow. Britain gets the better of this empire-jousting, and U.S. power dwindles. In this way, Britain gains rulership of the world instead of the Nazis.

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