A story by Isaac Asimov that touched me for life. I'll find it an paraphrase it into this node someday. It's not your typical robot fairytale, it's something that will change your whole outlook.

In brief, it starts out where a bunch of drunken computer scientists are celebrating the building of the world's most powerful supercomputer (written in the 50's, remember). One of them asks the 'puter to figure out a way to reverse entropy. The next day they all forget about it. However, the task runs as a background process on the computer. Over the years, the computer keeps getting upgraded and eventually the effects of evolution become visible on its human creators... they reach out for the stars, and take the computer (or facsimiles thereof) with them. Each instance of the computer is still thinking about the final question in its spare cycles. Eventually both humans and the computer/s transcend their physical forms and exist as disembodied intelligences floating in the cosmos... but tragically still subject to the slow decay of entropy... until...

I won't give away the ending, Mr. Asimov did it best. Stay tuned for the text of the story.

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