Overview: A graphic graphic novel by Noe and Barreiro. The English edition is published under the Eurotica marque and was translated by Robert Legault, ISBN 1561631922. The Convent of Hell is one of the most clever bits of pornography I've come across. The rendering of Beelzebub in the novel alone makes it a classic. It is garanteed to disturb any devout Catholic, or almost anyone for that matter.

Summary: A group of conservative nuns accidentally open an old hidden door in the convent. The portal releases Satan, who conquers the convent -- abusing, violating, and killing a number of the well-endowed nuns in the process. The fallen nuns manage to lure into the convent and then and defile a couple of newlyweds before one of the nuns escapes and calls on the Vatican for help. The Pope sends a rescue mission of paratrooper Knights Templar (setting up one of the best moments in the novel) weilding flamethrowers to drive out the devil.

Artwork:This comic book is painted in Noe's signature style, which in this execution is probably his best. Certainly, the artwork is of better quality than most other books of this nature.

In the interest of avoiding instant nuking, I will refrain from giving away highlights from the action. Trust me, if you enjoy this sort of depraved lunacy at all, this book will become one of your treasured favorites.

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