The expression 'the Christian Bible' is popularly used by atheists to draw attention to the special claims of one sort or another made by Christians for the book. However, most people - Jews, Christians and Muslims in particular - consider this usage more than a little quaint. What Bible would you like to compare the 'Christian Bible' to? Can you buy copies saying 'Christian Bible' on?

Additionally, the definition of the Bible is not universally agreed by all Christians. Roman Catholic bibles include the Apocrypha in the course of the main text, whereas other copies either separate them out or omit them entirely. Eastern Orthodox traditions have other Apocrypha, including a 151st psalm. The New World Translation used by Jehovah's Witnesses re-edits John 1:1 to give an Arian interpretation. And so on.

PS: Yes, I have recalled the usage 'the Hebrew Bible', but (so far as I am aware) anything in a Hebrew Bible appears (not necessarily well-translated) in a 'Christian' one. sorry.

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