The 4:30 band is the official title of a jazz band at Carnegie Mellon University. It used to be the Giants of Jazz, however over much discussion over the feasibility of the name, Midgets of Jazz, the director changed the name of just The 4:30 Band.

Many hysterical happenings occur during during practices. Most involve the lead trumpet player. This kid is amazing on trumpet, and a really funny guy. We had a discussion about creating an all-homosexual jazz band because "the band that swings together swings together."

Another interesing day was the so called 'jazz sunglasses.' They were red-tinted glasses that you had to wear while soloing. However, they lasted only an hour before they were sat on.

The band itself is very laid back, which is really cool. We are able to play really well since we are all relaxed. Our director, Mr. David Pellow, is perhaps on of the best bass players I have ever seen. As a director, he is the best I have ever had. Everything he does makes the music more fun.

The best part is the band is releasing a CD of our performances. I have never been in a band that was good enough to need to record themselves. I doubt the CD will sell anywhere other than on campus, but that's more than any other band I've played for.

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