An LSD hallucination that my old roommate told me about.

The basic premise is this: Four mystic cretins take a camping trip into the Northern California redwoods with only their wasted college degrees and a stockpile of drugs to keep them company.

The revelation comes to my roommate after he trips over an exposed root near the shore of the lake they're camped out near. He was carrying a bag of gorp at the time and spilled the majority of it. He then saw an enormous hand made of water wash over the beach. The hand pulled all of the scattered gorp into the water. It was followed by a voice, in the appropriate divine baritone, that said "Thank You for the Gorp."

When my roommate came back from that trip he was a transformed man. It became one of those injokes at my house. Although he chuckled along with us you could always see a subtle trace of fear creep into his face whenever the subject came up.

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