Tenamonya Voyagers is a rather quirky four episode science-fiction anime originating from the mind of one Ryouei Tsukimura, and produced by Banzai.

Quick summary: Three women, all desiring to reach Earth after finding themselves in the outer reaches of the galaxy, are being chased by a zealous police officer due to the gangster ties one of them has. Think "The Fugitive" crossed with "Red Dwarf" on a hyper comedic anime pill, and you'll get the gist.

The opening, which gives me Three's Company flashbacks despite the Hogan's Heroes theme music, provides you a glimpse at our three hapless protagonists of this adventure. Recently stranded duo Ayako and Wakana (teacher and student, respectively) find themselves on a distant planet, whose school they'd meant to be members of unceremoniously shut down. Neither having the finances to return to Earth, they ponder their situation in front of the empty building. Here enters Paraila, in a particularly grand fashion, plummeting from the heavens in a mech which thereupon completely destroys the school. Take whichever cliche you like here, fallen angel or blessing from above... just remember that there's a reason angels fall. And the fact that's she's known around the more notorious circles as Space Trash Paraila oughta clue ya in to her questionable affiliations. After fooling the somewhat naive duo, Ayako more so than Wakana, that she's also a student, they pool their resources in order to gain passage toward home. Home for the others, anyway... a way out, for Paraila, of the charges she's brought on her head thanks to her mafia activity.

Seems there was some strange loophole in a treaty agreement with the Earth Alliance that causes all charges collected outside of Earth's jurisdiction to be null and void should the malefactor set foot on its soil. Paraila knows of this little bureaucratic hiccup, and means to make use of it. Especially since her attempt at taking over the Jaoukai criminal network went belly up, causing her to be pursued by not only the authorities, but her own people as well. And the fact that the cops are being headed by one incredibly determined detective by the name of Yokoyama sure doesn't help things for the ill-fated trio.

This series has NO conclusion, so far as what's been released domestically (US). I've checked around, though, and I believe this short OAV is yet another of those animes that received little interest and was left with a shrug and a sigh. More the pity, for I found it entertaining...

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