This is possibly the best release from Namco ever. The 38 characters gives the biggest range of fighters in a Beat 'em up ever. The graphics are absolutly amazing and show the full capability of the PlayStation 2. With different expressions of pain to high class FMV's. The intro scene has been awarded best intro scene ever, out doing Final Fantasy VIII by miles (Or kilometers if your metric).

In this game all the first generation characters are brought back and given a bit of a make over with characters like Armour King, Kazuya, Lee and Wang. This causes some overlapping in character fighting styles, such as Kazuya and Jin, Baek and Hwoarang and Michelle and Julia. This is however a good thing for those of you who could only ever master one character because in a tag match it can be handy to have two characters with the same fighting style so you don't have to change your tatic.

The subgame Tekken Bowl Tournament is almost as good as the game itself and if they released it could easily sell it for $25 a copy. It is as it sounds, it's a bowling game with your favourite Tekken characters. Doctor B. is standing in the background and you can knock him out by aiming straight at him and throwing the ball. Also, if you overcharge, you didn't let go in time and your character takes a trip down the alley with the warning "Caution: Do not try this at home".

Overall Tekken Tag Tournament is the Tekken fans dream come true, all the crap characters are gone (Gon) and some of the best characters have come back (Roger/Alex). Being a Tekken fan myself I obviously loved this game.

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