Tales from the Lotus Pod - (Released July 2001 on both Psychopathic and Island)
Dark Lotus's first album. The Psychopathic release has an extra track, and was only available via the Psychopathic web store, and at the 2001 Juggalo Gathering. The Island release is available in stores.

This is the first album from Dark Lotus, a Psychopathic Records supergroup consisting of Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope from the Insane Clown Posse, The Monoxide Child and Jamie Madrox of Twiztid, Marz, and Blaze Ya Dead Homie.


  1. Intro - A long spiritual message proclaiming this album to be the last of the warnings before the final Joker's Card.
  2. Ali Baba - A rap proclaiming the greatness of Ali Baba, ruler of the Gods
  3. Cripple and Rape Me - A song about voices in your head that cause you to hurt yourself
  4. I Hurt Myself - A song about self mutilation
  5. Call Upon Your Gods - A song about how the evil often become religious right before they die
  6. And We Danced - A song about falling in love with the reanimated dead, in a graveyard
  7. Black Magic - The first and third verses appear to be some sort of spell, while the second verse is a description of what's magic in the world today
  8. Taste of Blood - A song about vampires fiending for their favorite snack
  9. Headache - A song about having voices in your head
  10. Nobody Likes Me - A song about being the outcast
  11. Bitch I'm Sexy - Dark Lotus trying to get their mack on
  12. Fire Rain - The group just being scary
  13. Mah Jeh Mah - A song about dying, and what comes after
  14. The Crows - Sounds like a "Mah Jeh Mah" part 2. There seems to be some sort of rebirth message in this song.
  15. Juggalo Family - A song about being a juggalo today. Dark Lotus closed their first-ever set with this song. "Mass murder makes me happy! Dead bodies make me happy! Say what you will of me, I'll always have Juggalo Family!"
  16. Dot Com - (only appears on the Psychopathic version of the album) A listing of Juggalo groups and clubs.

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