The techno-industrial group Swamp Terrorists was started in the 80's by programmer STR (of Band Berne Crematoire, Nacht-Raum, and Strangler of the Swamp fame) and vocalist Ane H (formerly of Tierstein) who met at a Stranger/Tierstein show.

The lineup originally consisted of STR, Ane H, and guitarist Francis H, who left after the release of their first EP, He Is Guilty. Ane and STR recorded their first album, Grim-Stroke-Disease together, releasing it on the Machinery/Noise label in 1990. A year later it was followed by Grow-Speed Injection.

Shortly after the 1994 album Combat Shock, Swamp Terrorists added several members for their live show: bassist Anrej A, guitarist Spring and drummer Piet Hertig. However, STR left the band immediately following the 1995 release Killer, and began to work with the guitar-heavy Hellsau. The other four members of the band have since released a live album, Five in Japan and 2 EPs: Wreck in 1997, and Rare & Unreleased in 1999, on Metropolis Records.

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