On a mission for money, flying to West Palm Beach from Atlanta on a crisp November Morning. The bight orange sun coming up through the clouds was giving me a feeling of omnipotence; a feeling that I could do no wrong. But, I could. I Gave the address to a cabby and entered the obvious neighborhood of money. Huge well kept homes and yards were everywhere and my cabby deposited me at a nice two-story dwelling. The key to the garage was in the box by the front door. As the garage door lifted, I could begin to see my mission; a large blue Oldsmobile station wagon packed to the gills.

It was my mission to deliver this car back to Atlanta for a well paid sum and no questions asked. The car was so full of stuff, I had to push some things over to get in the drivers seat. I took the little bag of grass I had brought with me and put it under the front seat, cranked the engine and backed out of the driveway. The image from the airplane sunrise was still playing in my head as I drove up the street.

I noticed two police cars coming the other way and I noticed them even more when they did u-turns behind me. Now with lights flashing they pulled me over and we were greeted by the arrival of another car with plain clothed detectives. I was surrounded and ordered out of the car. My first thoughts were ,"oh no,the grass", but they didn't give me long to worry about this as they questioned my intentions with the car. Where was I headed and who was paying me? Pleading my innocence about the surrounding circumstances and being advised of my impending doom, I gave up the name of the hiring party and was told to ,"get out of town and don't come back". Later as I drove into Georgia, I lit up a doobie and reflected on the sunrise from an airplane and how misleading that can be, for sunrises are beautiful everyday and have nothing to do with impending doom.

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