Suicide Tuesday is descriptive of the aftermath of taking e. After being so amazingly exuberant and happy and active there is often a period a few days later where the pendulum swings the other way slightly, your serotonin levels are depleted, and you feel dull, lethargic and generally shitty. ( although usually not actually suicidal!)

It's called Suicide Tuesday because usually you go raving on a Saturday night and it sets in around Tuesday. Of course if you go out on a different night, then it could be a different day entirely.

Today is Suicide Thursday.
I've found that 5-hydroxytryptophan, sold as 5-HTP in many U.S. drugstores and health food stores, is an excellent way to help alleviate this condition.

Other suggestions:

  • Get plenty of sleep - MDMA disrupts normal sleep patterns for a few days, but the 5-HTP should help with this. Otherwise, try melatonin.
  • Take multi-vitamins or vitamin C (or both).
  • Eat the next day (after rolling), even if you don't want to.
  • Drink lots of water
  • Avoid emotional situations and tense relationships (not always possible, I admit).

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