A song which immortalized my rough and tumble hometown was penned by famous Canadian folk singer and future Order of Canada inductee Stompin' Tom Connors in 1969. Released on the Dominion Records label, the song was originally released on the B-side of The Northlands' Own Stompin' Tom Connors LP. Sudbury Saturday Night describes a typical weekend night in Sudbury, Ontario, in the heart of the world's largest nickel mining district. As a factory town, Sudbury was a popular destination for recent immigrants to Canada, lending the city a multicultural touch. Tom captures both the hard working spirit of the men who worked in the mines, and the gritty dirty feel that the place has to this day. The INCO referred to in the song is the International Nickel Company of Canada, the city's main employer. It always makes me homesick for the smoky little bars I remember from home.

Lyrics can be found at Stompin' Tom's website: http://www.stompintom.com/

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