4 thick-cut pork chops
1cup prepared herbed bread stuffing

Making the long axis of the pork chop N-S, make an incision at about NNW, through the fat. Make the incision just big enough to fit a teaspoon. Making the incision through the fat will cause the incision to close as it's cooked. Cave out a pocket inside the pork chop, taking special care not to puncture the surface of the pork chop. Performing this caving seems to work best with the pork chop held flat against a cutting board. Fill each pork chop with 2-3 tsp prepared stuffing. I make the stuffing with medium chopped onion; you could add anything from garlic to cheese to mushrooms and the chops will come out amazing. Coat the pork chops with salt, pepper & olive oil.

Here's the secret bit that makes these pork chops incredible: Hang the chops in your oven by a skewer that pierces the top of the chops. I arrange the top rack as high as it will go, and the low rack as low as it will go. ALWAYS place a sheet of aluminum foil to catch the drippings on the lower rack. You can do this with the oven cold so you don't burn yourself. Cook at 425°F for 30 minutes. The fat will turn golden brown, and the meat will not dry out.

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