Storage Polysaccharide

  • Polysaccharides are Monosaccharides linked together in long chains.
  • Starch is the pricipal food storage form found in most plants (potato = starch from leaves.)
  • Occurs in amylose and amylopectin
  • Glycogen
    • Principal storage form in higher animals
    • Branches every 8 to 10 glycose units
    • Stored primarily in liver and muscle units
      • In humans, when an excess of glucose is present in the bloodstream, glycogen is formed in the liver.
      • When there is a lack of glucose, glycogen is broken up.
    • Formation of polysaccharides requires energy.
    • When cell needs energy, polysaccharides can be hydrolized (broken up) and resulting monosaccharides can be oxidized, resulting in an energy release.

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