Steel Force is Dorney Park's hypercoaster and is the second edition in the Morgan hypercoaster trilogy for Cedar Fair amusement parks after Valleyfair!'s Wild Thing and before Worlds of Fun's Mamba. Steel Force opened in the 1997 operating season at a cost of $10 million dollars. It also placed Dorney Park on the map as a developing East Coast amusement park with two roller coasters that broke the 100 ft level: Steel Force and Hercules the wooden roller coaster. Steel Force differs from the other roller coasters in the Morgan trilogy by its two 120 foot long tunnels and a 510 degree helix. In 1999, Steel Force scored the #10 Internet Steel Roller Coaster poll spot and has maintained a position in the top 40 since then. Steel Force is classified as a steel sit-down out and back hypercoaster.


  • Length of Track: 5600 ft
  • Length of Ride: ~3 minutes
  • Top Speed: 75 mph
  • Capacity: 1700 riders per hour
  • Height: first hill - 200 ft
  • Trains: 3 with 6 cars each. 3 rows of 2 persons per row.


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