You don't know what a burger is untill you have a properly cooked steakburger with the works. These sumptuous cooked sandwiches redefine tasty. They rock my world. It is high on my list of reasons to live.

Essentially, a steakerburger with the works is a steakburger (ie, a burger with a steak filling) with a every conceivable secondary filling for a burger. Steakburgers are available, cooked fresh, from any half decent fish and chip shop, diner or the like, for the approximate cost of a McDonald's meal. Unlike the pathetic burgers from McDonald's, Burger King and it's ilk, these burgers boast a diameter of around 20 cm, and nearly 15 cm of height. They are big. It has enough filling to feed a small regiment.

Ideally, it contains:

A truly great steakburger with the works is made by somebody not stingy with the ingredients (and, obviously, who knows what they're doing). One of the greatest things about them is you can modify them to your taste - more cheese, hold the beetroot. I personally prefer to hold the salad.

Taste is everything. Eat steakburger with the works.

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