St John's Tower, towering above St John's Precinct, is cylindrical and has a sort of doughnut at the top. This doughnut used to be the location of a restaurant. The thing would rotate at a sedate pace so as to give the eaters a view of Liverpool without disturbing their eating experience. However, modern visitors are denied this pleasure because the restaurant (and also the tower) closed many years ago.

In 1999 however, it was used for a spectacular light and firework show, visible for miles around, and more recently, it was bought by Radio City (after a deal to buy another major landmark in Liverpool, which I unfortunately am not allowed to name, fell through) and was converted into studios. Radio City now broadcasts to all of Liverpool (and even to The other Shore) from here on 96.7MHz FM.

St John's Tower is a major feature of the Liverpool skyline, along with Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Royal Liver Buildings.

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