A Squirrel Pole
A useful bit of knowledge for the survivalist in us

An ingenious snare used for catching squirrels for whatever purpose your needs may require, be if food, clothing, freaking people out, etc... A squirrel pole is basically a long pole placed against a tree where you have repeatedly sighted squirrels. As with any good trap the squirrel is designed to use the victims known characteristics against them, in this case curiosity and running really fast up and down things.

Basic Construction:

Place several wire nooses (5 or so centimeters in diameter) rotating around the pole creating a situation in which a squirrel would have to pass through one if they were to go up it. Place the nooses an 2.5 centimeters away from the pole. Angle the nooses so that when a squirrel runs into them they will fall off the pole and not be able to get a foothold, otherwise the squirrel can escape. After a period of caution, they will treat the pole like any other part of the tree. The shocked animal will soon fall from the pole and strangle.
Other squirrels will soon follow (because they are silly like that) and, in this way, you can catch several squirrels. You can emplace multiple poles to increase the catch.
A benefit to capturing squirrels in this manner is that there is very little damage to the actual squirrel itself thus allowing you to use all the squirrelly parts efficiently. (no damage to the edible parts or the fur for warm purposes)

Why would you want to know how to catch a squirrel? Well, why not really? It just may come in handy someday, and this knowledge allows you to create a relatively easy snare with which you can capture some rodents for eating and/or clothing pieces. You might as well know this just in case.

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