Seminal power pop album by British pub rocker Graham Parker. The original UK release was on Vertigo and the US release on Arista, both in March of 1979. The record was produced by Jack Nitzsche and recorded at Lansdowne Studios, London.

This record features great songs almost from start to finish. Discovering Japan, Local Girls, and Nobody Hurts You are perfect examples of high energy, frenetic power pop and lyrically they stand above the normal new wave fare.

You Can't Be Too Strong is one of those songs that means different things to different people. It's about abortion and depending on how you read (listen to) it , it can be interpreted as pro-choice or pro-life. Though the pro-choice crowd was definitely more displeased with it. The lyrics also provide the title for the album.

Waiting for the UFOs is a whimsical, cynical number that should have been the theme for The X-Files. A perfect example of why many people prefer Parker's work to that of Elvis Costello, a little less self-importance and more self-deprecating humor.

Don't Get Excited is another piece of classic Parker -- as he repeats the chorus "don't get excited.." seemingly more and more excited each time around.

Only Love Gets You Twisted gets skipped on my playlist.

There's nothing to hold onto
when gravity betrays you
and every kiss enslaves you...
-- Discovering Japan

Yes, I'm aware
of exactly what I'm doing
making everything a mystery...
-- Local Girls

Look -- no one's going to
illuminate you,
all the odds are
stacked against you...
-- Nobody Hurts You

Track Listing:
Discovering Japan
Local Girls
Nobody Hurts You
You Can't Be Too Strong
Passion Is No Ordinary Word
Saturday Nite Is Dead
Love Gets You Twisted
Waiting For The UFOs
Don't Get Excited

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