An album by John Lennon and Yoko Ono with Elephant's Memory. Released after Imagine it was less popular because, frankly, it's not very good. Full of bland, badly-thought-out left-wing propagandising, and with too much Yoko and not enough John, the only real stand out track is Woman Is The Nigger Of The World.
Track list:
  1. Woman Is the Nigger Of The World (Lennon/Ono)
  2. Sisters, O Sisters (Ono)
  3. Attica State (Lennon/Ono)
  4. Born In A Prison (Ono)
  5. New York City (Lennon)
  6. Sunday Bloody Sunday (Lennon/Ono)
  7. The Luck Of The Irish (Lennon/Ono)
  8. John Sinclair (Lennon)
  9. Angela (Lennon/Ono)
  10. We're All Water (Ono)

A second disc, entitled Live Jam also comes with the album. Side 1 (tracks 1 & 2) is recorded at a 1969 gig with Eric Clapton, George Harrison and others. Side 2 was recorded with Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention at the same show where their Filmore East live album was recorded. The release of the recordings caused some controversy as Zappa's composition King Kong was included as Jamrag credited to Lennon/Ono. Zappa later released the same recordings, minus King Kong, on his Playground Psychotics album, in a different mix/edit. There the last two tracks were retitled A Small Eternity With Yoko Ono - an apt description.

  1. Cold Turkey (Lennon)
  2. Don't Worry Kyoko (Ono)
  3. Well...(Baby Please Don't Go) (Ward)
  4. Jamrag (Lennon/Ono)
  5. Scumbag (Lennon/Ono/Zappa)
  6. Au (Lennon/Ono)

The album was produced by John and Yoko and Phil Spector.

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