Welcome to AOL. AOL's new 'big thing' is that their software 'keeps your children from seeing things they're not supposed to'. You can just guess how well it works too... In britain, ISPs are subscription-free. Meaning that anyone can have a new ISP account. Even your darling children. It's a sorry thing that gullible parents actually believe this stuff. That they think it's ok for AOL to be 'Looking after your children so you don't have to'.
Welcome to Britain. Here we have institutions like the BBFC, and the ITC who make everything in the world so inoffensive and sanitized that even a 5-year-old can use it. I'm glad they protect me from such offensive films as The Exorcist. Whether I want them to or not. For 25 years. BBFC - 'Exercising your judgement so you don't have to'.
There are some things that you should have to do; some things too important not to bother with. What does this say about you that you believe someone who you've never met knows what's best for you better than you do.
Big Brother - 'Running your life, so you don't have to'.

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