You are so nice to wear a dress tonight. I mean, it's only the third date, and yet, it looks really nice, I'm just surprised. And the perfume. Anais Anais, Isn't it? Thought so. Very nice. Yes, well some people can't wear florals, but it works for you. Nice. Yes? Do I wear cologne? No. Seems a little, you know prissy.

Do you mind if we stop here for a bit? Is that OK? Thanks. I'll just be a minute. I'll leave the music on. Don't you love how Wagner sets the mood? Yes, quite.

I'm back, thanks for waiting. Well, where should we go? The river? The mountains? What sounds fun? You like the woods? REALLY? Great. I love the woods, a picnic then. I brought a large blanket so your dress should be ok. Your heels? No problem, I can carry you over to it. No, really it will be fine.

You're so petite, it will be fine. Yes, I am stronger than I look. Thanks for noticing. You're smart that way, noticing details. The rope in the trunk, the bottle with the cloth, all those things. You didn't miss a thing. I like that, I really do. So many people miss details.
Well, here we are. Fast, wasn't it? No, don't be scared, this will be fast, you won't feel a thing. No, really, it will be fine , I've done this before.

your pretty face, it looked so wasted,
another pretty face, Devastated.
The French enhaler,
he stamped and mailed her.
Warren Zevon

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