A mini-chain of steakhouses. One of the best steakhouses in the U.S. After Morton's perhaps, but S&W has better potatoes. There is a S&W in New York, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, Washington, Philadelphia and Las Vegas. A meal at S&W costs a tidy sum and generally consists of meat and potatoes, easy on the potatoes. They have a fabulous cellar and you could go overboard on the wine.

You'll likely be served by an older guy who knows everything you'd expect about the wine list and looks like he's been tucking in 20 oz. steaks every night for the past 30 years. Don't panic. If you're any class of vegetarian, pick up your things with an air of non-chalance and sneak out of the place. Menus are in English, so you won't have to point and refer to French wine by the bin number. Don't spill anything on the immaculate tablecloths and never, ever call your waiter "garçon."

This is not a restaurant where the chef's day job is abstract painting. Expect heaps of food indiscriminately piled up on plates of a healthy size. Eat a small lunch and break your piggy-bank if you have to.

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