A rock band from Austin, Texas, Slowreader spawned from a well known indie pop band called The Impossibles, featuring the two lead singers and guitarists, Rory Allen Phillips (also of The Stereo and Imbroco) and Gabe Haskell. The new direction for the two songwriters began in late 2001, during the very end of The Impossibles. Gabe and Rory posted MP3's up on www.theimpossibles.net, and www.mp3.com/slowreader, and the new project was up off the ground.

The first Slowreader song, of sorts, came as track 12 on return, The Impossibles' 2000 release on Fueled By Ramen records, called "stopping sound". The track was not typical of The Impossibles, and since it was written by Gabe Haskell, one could argue that it was indeed a pre-cursor to the Slowreader style. Since then, the band has released multiple mp3's on both their website, and mp3.com. All of which feature Rory and Gabe on vocals, guitars, bass, drums, programming, keyboards, and everything else. (the have no other band members)

Fueled By Ramen picked them up immediately, and has agreed to release their first full length cd in late November, 2002.

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