An artrock group from the Bay Area who combine hard rock with homemade percussion and lyrics about sleep deprivation, interpersonal relationships, and partying like it's 1997.

The name comes from (so they say) an American futurist group in Manhattan that formed in 1915 and disappeared from public records in 1950.

The 1974 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records included a brief entry on the SGM as the "World's Most Closed Public Institution," stating that in 34 years of operation it had only opened its doors for a total of 47 days... The subsequent edition omitted the entry on the grounds that "we have removed (it) not because of its novelty status but because our research suggests that the SGM was not, in fact, a museum or a 'public institution' of any kind. -Grand Opening and Closing liner notes
Live shows are a combination of performance art, hard rock, and early 20th Century imagery.
Reference points: Einstürzende Neubauten, Mr. Bungle, Swans.


  • Grand Opening and Closing
  • and a couple of live tapes
Currently associated with Seeland Records (see also Negativland) and signed to Chaosophy Records.

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