When I was a kid (only a scant ten years ago) there was a program on Public Television called Sharon, Lois & Bram. My memories are somewhat fuzzy of the show, but I do remember bits and peices. Sharon Lois & Bram are a real-life trio of singers that preform childrens songs, and they do just that on the show named after them. There was a large, upright-walking, mute elephant. The mute elephant, creatively named "Elephant" would get depressed (shown by her covering her eyes with her arms and shaking her head) and S,L&B would sing her a song to cheer her up. That was the plot. Every episode.

Evidently, the trio did pretty well for themselves, as they did numerous national tours. I must have been quite emamored with them (okay, okay, I loved them.) Because my parents took me to see them once when the tour came into town. My mom says that she never saw me so happy during the show.

Fast foward ten years. I'm fifteen, and I'm flipping through the crap that is cable television and I stumble upon a progam called Skinnimarnk TV... starring Sharon, Lois and Bram! Wow. I was floored. There was Elephant (clothed this time around) except her name was Ella Acapella. Other than that, it was the same show, plus some other characters.

The theme song cum trademark of the show is etched into my brain.

I love you!

If any of you have kids, or have a kid sibling, have them watch the show. It's fairly entertaining.

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