Two large lumps of rock situated about 8 miles off the coast of Kerry in Ireland. The larger is known as Skellig Michael or Great Skellig, the smaller is known as Little Skellig. Each in its own way is unique and wonderful.

Skellig Michael was inhabited in the 9th/10th centuries by ascetic Christian monks, who came to escape from temptation and devote their lives to God. Their lived in stone cells in a colony at the top of the sheer rock, and survived by eating sea birds and cultivating a kind of sorrel on the sides of the rock. You can visit this amazing place today by boat, and you will be amazed that people lived there.

Little Skellig is noted for being the world's second largest Gannet colony, or something like that. It is stained white with guano and is inhabited by a truly mind-boggling number of Gannets.

All visitors to Ireland should attempt a trip to these islands. Nothing else you can see in the country will surpass the experience.

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