Single Gloucester is a cheese made in Gloucester, England and shares many features with its brother, Double Gloucester. The words single and double are used in the same way as in single and double cream.

Made from partially skimmed milk; a mixture of skimmed evening milk, and full-cream morning milk, it has a milder flavour and softer, more crumbly texture than Double Gloucester.

It is a very rare cheese, but production is on the increase in the early 2000s. The reason for its rarity is that traditionally it was very difficult to transport, being softer than its Double counterpart. If it travelled any distance, the cheeses on the bottom of the truck would be squashed and ruined. For this reason it was only eaten in the area surrounding Gloucester, while Double Gloucester had a much wider audience.

As with Double Gloucester, it is vegetarian and unpasteurised, having been developed before the use of rennet or pasteurisation.

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